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Envelop Flower Box

Most popular flower box for flower bouquet  arrangement, multi color options.

Colorful Tissue Paper

Premium high Quality Gift Wrap,must-have wraps for a Korean bouquet.

Clear Flower Bag

Bags with handle, easy to carry a bouquet and keep it good shape during transfer.

Waterproof Flower Wraps

Luxury gold border wrapping paper, best seller in Korean paper collection.

See what people are saying! 

Perfect wrapping for my Bouquets! If you are looking for great waterproof paper this is what are you lookin’ for!

—AMC Studio., Flower Wraps Customer

At the Flower Shop

I have bought from BBJ WRAPS for many  times. This floral wrapping paper is beautiful great quality love the texture I am able to make a gorgeous bouquet for my flower shop!

—Gofanbouquet., Korean Wraps Customer

 These envelope boxes are amazing!! Great quality. I am a small business owner and I'm always trying to find fun and creative ways to keep my customers coming back for more. With that said.. I decided to try out these out for a fun, new project and I am not disappointed one bit in the end result!


—Floramour, Flower Box Customer


Everyone who got the flowers in the bag loved it. easy to carry, doesn't hurt the flowers. The bags are easy to use and customers can see the flowers.

—Blooms&Fancy, Flower Bag Customer

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