In 2009, Sara and I were working as florists in a flower shop in Shanghai, but our expenses were growing every day and our income wasn't keeping up. We were struggling to make ends meet and I felt discouraged.

Then, something amazing happened. I was invited to my friend Nancy's engagement party in Seoul, Korea, and I was blown away by the beautiful flower bouquet her fiance had brought.

It was a stunning arrangement of red roses with a unique, translucent paper wrap, lace, and a well-designed satin ribbon.

"Aha! Maybe we can update ours too!" I thought.

We visited many flower shops in Seoul and eventually found the packaging suppliers. We were able to offer attractive bouquets with different packaging and wrapping methods, which really helped us stand out from other flower shops.

The Korean wrap became trendy quickly, and some florists came to us to ask to purchase the same wraps and ribbon.

We had to source from China, however, as sourcing from Korea was too expensive.

We hired professional designers to produce our own flower packaging, and our sales and profits increased significantly.

Now, we have expanded our florist packaging business around the world and established our brand, BBJ WRAPS.

We are proud to be the #1 flower packaging supplier on Amazon, and we strive to provide our customers with beautiful, high-quality wraps and decorations that make their bouquets stand out.

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