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How to choose the right flower wrapping paper?

There are several types of flower wrapping paper commonly used for bouquets, depending on the material, purpose, color, and style.

1. Cellophane Wraps

Before cellophane wraps are only clear type, but now we also have options, it is also waterproof and colorful floral wrapping paper.

2. Kraft paper

The kraft paper is a vintage floral wraps and also has been used for many years, if you are looking for a traditional way of wrapping.

3. Kraft English Newspaper

Kraft newspapers have a distinctly more nostalgic feel than vellum, printed with text that looks like old newspapers, and are equally suitable for bouquets with a literary and vintage feel.

4. Mesh Net Fabric for Wrapping

It is usually used as a second layer of bouquet wrapping decoration.

5. Double Sided Paper

This paper is waterproof and bright and colorful on both sides, very popular bouquet wraps in Korea and China.

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