Three Secrets of Flower Packaging: How to Create the Best Effect with the Simplest Methods

Three Secrets of Flower Packaging: How to Create the Best Effect with the Simplest Methods

Welcome to our blog for North American floral designers! Today, we will be sharing some secrets about flower packaging and teaching you how to create the best effect with the simplest methods. As floral artists, we understand that packaging is an essential part of showcasing the beauty of a bouquet. With a few techniques and creative ideas, you can make your bouquets more appealing and leave your clients in awe. In the following sections, we will unveil three simple yet effective secrets.

Secret One: Choose the Right Materials

The first secret of flower packaging is choosing the right materials. Suitable materials can showcase the beauty of the flowers and maintain the bouquet's freshness. Here are some materials you can consider:

  1. Transparent plastic wrap or film: Transparent packaging materials allow people to see the details of the flowers clearly and help retain the bouquet's moisture. This type of packaging is particularly suitable when the flower stems have leaves or small flowers.

  2. Textured or patterned paper or fabric: Choosing packaging materials with textures or patterns can enhance the visual appeal of the packaging. You can select paper or fabric that complements the bouquet's style and colors to add some personality and uniqueness.

Remember to consider the overall style and color of the bouquet when choosing materials, ensuring that they complement the flowers.

Secret Two: Add Details and Decorations

The second secret is to add details and decorations to the flower packaging. These small embellishments can elevate the packaging's effect and make it more captivating. Here are some decorations you can try:

  1. Ribbons and bows: Adding a beautiful ribbon or bow to the packaging can instantly elevate the overall appearance of the bouquet. You can choose ribbons that match the bouquet's colors or opt for ones that align with the season or a specific theme.

  2. Beads and trinkets: Incorporating beads, trinkets, or glitters into the packaging can add shimmer and a special touch. These small details catch the eye and make the bouquet more eye-catching.

  3. Small cards and tags: Attaching a small card or tag to the bouquet's packaging allows you to convey special messages to the recipient, such as well wishes or personalized sentiments.

Remember, the key is to use decorations in moderation. Avoid overdoing it, as it may distract attention or overshadow the beauty of the flowers.

Secret Three: Consider Dimensionality in Packaging

The third secret is to consider dimensionality in packaging. By creating layers and a sense of depth, you can make flower packaging more vibrant and interesting. Here are some tips:

  1. Layering packaging materials: Using different packaging materials, such as transparent plastic wrap and colored paper, can create layers. Overlaying colored paper on transparent plastic wrap adds variety and richness to the bouquet.

  2. Incorporating fillers: Adding fillers, such as colored paper shreds, twine, or colored ribbons, can enhance the packaging's three-dimensional effect. These fillers fill the space around the bouquet, making it look fuller.

  3. Considering height differences: Creating height differences in packaging can add dimensionality to the bouquet. You can use ribbons or decorations of different lengths or leave some space at the top of the packaging to achieve varied heights.

Remember to match the dimensionality with the bouquet's overall style and shape for the best effect.


By choosing the right materials, adding details and decorations, and considering dimensionality in packaging, you can create the best effect for flower packaging using the simplest methods. These secrets will help enhance the appeal of your bouquets and leave your clients pleasantly surprised and satisfied. Remember to choose materials and decorations that align with the bouquet's style and colors, and use them in moderation to maintain an overall balance and aesthetic. We hope these secrets will be helpful in your floral artistry! Thank you for reading.

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